Welcome to Trinity Creation Studies

Intelligent design by a loving God
or random change descent from the simple to the complex
are both theoretical world views that require from the adherent a deep and abiding faith.

It takes faith to believe in either world view
because none of us were there at the beginning.
Each world view is a religion and each have their priestly expositors, whether you call them pastors, priests, physicists, chemists or biologists.

The fact is that students of each world view
look to these men and women
for direction and understanding.

The same science is used by both sides,
but depending upon the basis of their faith,
the theories formed and conclusions reached
are eminently an extension of their intricate thoughts
and delicately fashioned opinions of how we all began.

Those who believe in God have the Bible,
composed of 66 books,
to base their faith upon whereas those who believe in evolution
have Darwin's Origin of Species ,
his predecessors' and future disciples' published research.

It is my opinion that it takes less faith to believe in God and His intelligent design
than to believe in Darwin and evolutionary theory. It is my hope and grand desire
that following our presentation, when armed with scientific facts supporting
intelligent design, that you, too, feel the same.